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    Baka Naman Hindi

    A classic farce filled with innuendo, physical comedy and snappy dialogue, Baka Naman Hindi returns to the CCP stage after its successful restaging in 2018.

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    Los Compadres Del Bigote

    The Los Compadres del Bigote (LCDB) is a musical comic duo composed of John Philip Bautista and Itchie Boy Montilla.

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    In the play PULA, a person steps out of history to relate to a modern audience the atrocities that would drive ordinary people like him/herself to actively revolting against an oppressive regime: a difficult choice, but one that they felt had to be done.

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    Noli Me Tangere The Opera

    The Philippines' first full-length opera, National Artists Guillermo Tolentino and Felipe Padilla De Leon's most beloved 1957 opera, “Noli Me Tangere”returns to the Cultural Center of the Philippines' (CCP) main theatre, Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo.

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    PETA's 'CHAROT!' presents Philippine current events for the freak show that it is, imagining the future and consequences of a new charter.

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    Every Brilliant Thing

    Written by Lungs’ Duncan MacMillan and Johnny Donahoe, Every Brilliant Thing tells the story of a little girl who chronicles all the little things that make life brilliant.

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    The Dresser

    A poignant look at age, companionship, and the persistence of art in a time of war, The Dresser foregrounds humanity at its most vulnerable.

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    The Phantom Of The Opera

    For the first time ever, Andrew Lloyd Webber's original long-running musical The Phantom of the Opera embarks on a worldwide tour.

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    Father's Day

    On an unassuming winter’s evening, Henry Willows receives an unexpected visit from his estranged son, Matthew, and his goth girlfriend, Christine.

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    Eto na! Musikal nAPO! Magbabalik nAPO!

    Eto na! Musikal nAPO! is a musical comedy. It promises its audiences wholesome entertainment with twitches of rom-com and nostalgia, using the music of one of the country’s premiere singing groups, the Apo Hiking Society.

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    DOM: Dirty Old Musical

    Dirty Old Musical is about “The Bench Boys”, a male group band in the 80s who had a one-time big time hit and disbanded after sometime due to personality differences among other reasons.

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    Silent Sky

    Repertory Philippines presents The critically-acclaimed play by Lauren Gunderson Silent Sky.

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